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ShangShiZhi Sporting Goods, LLC hereby makes the following statement. We would like to apologize to World Wiser Sport Committee for some untrue remarks madeby our personnel when they sold Wiser ball uniforms. We also hereby provide an explanation of this situation.

Previously, we misstated to the public that our company would donate our profits to World Wiser Sport Committee. The real situation is as follows: Our company did indeed want to donate part of our profits to World Wiser Sport Committee in order to benefit people all over the world through their playing the Wiser sport. However, when we formally conveyed to World Wiser Sport Committee our desire to make such a donation, World Wiser Sport Committee told us the following: "World Wiser Sport Committee cannot accept donations from your company, ShangShiZhi Sporting Goods, LLC, because World Wiser Sport Committee has already selected apparel that your company designed and manufactures as the uniforms worn by players of Wiser ball during formal matches. As a non-profit organization, World Wiser Sport Committeecannot have any profit ties to your company. Therefore, we cannot accept donations from ShangShiZhi Sporting Goods, LLC. However, we very much thank ShanShiZhi Sporting Goods, LLC for its good intentions."

That is why World Wiser Sport Committee rejected our donations. To date, ShangShiZhi Sporting Goods, LLC has not given one cent of any type of donation to World Wiser Sport Committee. This is the explanation we hereby provide.

ShangShiZhi Sporting Goods, LLC
March 7, 2013

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